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Once you start learning more efficiently and getting better grades in less time, what will you do with all your extra time?

A) Get even smarter
B) Make money
C) Chill
D) Get in adventures
E) All of the above

First, you'll learn the SMITH RIVAS study skills system. It works for everybody – even at fancy colleges – because it's based on the science of learning.

Make the Most of School

Next, you'll use your improved study skills, motivation, and energy to take advantage of everything that's awesome about college and grad school.

Achieve Your Greatest Goals

Then, you'll go on to be wildly successful because study skills are actually just life skills applied to the contrived gauntlet of school.

Focus on Learning, Not Grades

Better Grades in Less Time isn't really about grades, it's about learning.

You'll learn the best way to do school, according to science, which will get you better grades and give you more time to go do cool stuff.

Then you'll go be awesome at life.

Video Lessons & Study Skills Handbook

The 40 video lessons and 36-page workbook by Paul Smith Rivas will help you get your money's worth in school by teaching you the six most important study skills and having you create your own custom study skills system:

Video Lessons (40 videos, 2h20m total length)

Welcome Unit: – The course is simple, you can do it, and we can help you. (3 videos, 8 minutes)

Unit 1: Motivation – Why do you want better grades in less time? (5 videos, 12 minutes)

Unit 2: Time Management – When's the best time to do each thing you have to do? (6 videos, 21 minutes)

Unit 3: Reading – How can you connect your reading to the class and your life? (5 videos, 17 minutes)

Unit 4: Notetaking – Why don't you take notes when you go to the movies? (5 videos, 18 minutes)

Unit 5: Tests – How do you know if you really learned the material? (5 videos, 24 minutes)

Unit 6: Papers – How do great study skills help your writing process? (7 videos, 31 minutes)

Unit 7: Custom Study Skills System – How will you make your study skills work for you? (4 videos, 9 minutes)

Study Skills Handbook (36 pages, ~8 hours total work expected)

Welcome Unit: Study Skills Friend Agreement

Unit 1: Motivation

Reasons to Work Hard

Difficult Classes that Went Well

Difficult Classes that Went Poorly

Four-Year Plan

Unit 2: Time Management

How Long Stuff Takes

When to Do Schoolwork

Weekly Schedule

Quarter Calendar

Semester CalendarTo-Do List

Unit 3: Reading

Recent Reading Experience

Printing and Reading Everything

Practice Reading

Unit 4: Notetaking

How Much Class Costs per Hour

Questions and Comments for Class

Before, During, and After Class

Reviewing and Quizzing

Unit 5: Tests

Predicting Test Content

Outline for Great Study Guides

Ideas for Great Study Guides

When to Make Study Guides

Practice Test Questions

Unit 6: Papers

Recent Writing Experience

Plan for Great Papers

Crafting Great Thesis Statements

Where to Get Help with Writing

How to Get Better at Writing

Unit 7: Custom Study Skills System

Custom Study Skills System


Study Skills Ambassador Program


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